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Go Digital!

Stay Tuned for a true Digital Revolution

Reignite Your classic analog camera with RE-35.

The RE-35 cartridge replaces the film in your classic analog 35-mm camera. Set the ISO to 400 and your done - your camera will now take high quality digital pictures.

  • Fits into every
    35-mm analog camera.
  • Saves digital images to
    built-in flash memory.
  • Exports high resolution
    jpegs and raws.
  • Connects to
    your PC/Mac via USB.
  • Graphics editing program
    runs from cartridge.
  • Available in
    4, 8 and 12 MP.
  • Revive

    RE-35 fits any camera

    RE-35 works with every analog camera. The cartridge easily fits into a standard 35-mm film compartment.

    Our patented Flexisensor© pulls out to replace the analog film.

  • Recharge

    RE-35 conncts via USB

    The RE-35 cartrige connects to your Mac or PC via USB for recharging and file-transfer.

  • Retrieve

    RE-35 software plays directly from cartidge

    Our built-in transfer-software runs directly from the cartridge (Abobe Air runtime required).

RE-35 Patent!

Flexisensor© Technology

RE-35 Flexisensor

The new Flexisensor consists of three layers: there is a photoactive region, a transmission region and a scratchresistant coating. These Layers form a highly flexible sensor for capturing high resolution images.

Vintage Reloaded

There are many reasons to hold on to your classic 35-mm analog Cameras. Wether you invested a serious ammount of money or you just all that mechanical goodness - your classic Nikons, Canons, Leicas, Rolleis or Pentaxes deserve to stay. And even if you just love analog photography: the grain, the colors, the image quality - dealing with analog film does have it’s drawbacks. The hassle und the price for materials keep you from keeping it analog more and more often.

With the RE-35 digital cartidges you can have the best of both worlds. Go digital, whenever you want to. And keep using your vintage equipment.

Thank you for
your interest in Re-35.

Some good news:

The feedback to Re-35 has truly been overwhelming. It seems Re-35 really addresses a need and people worldwide can’t seem to wait to get their hands on our "product".

The bad news:

Some things are too good to be true!

Re-35 does not really exist. We (the design company Rogge & Pott) created Re-35 as an exercise in identity-design. We invented the "product" because it was something, that we had wished for for a long time (as many others).

We launched the website and sent out "press releases" on April first - thinking, that the date would make clear, that Re35 is just wishful thinking - a classic April Fools Prank!

A lot of people didn’t hear about Re-35 until after April first, so we added this disclaimer


All this attention Re35 ist getting might actually be good for something. It proves, that there is a gigantic community of photographers with analog equipment out there that is desperately waiting for a product like this to come along- and we are looking into the possibilities.

We hope there are no hard feelings
and that you are not too disappointed.

And thanks for all the positve feedback!

Cheers from Germany.

Henning Rogge

Rogge & Pott GbR

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